Frontend / Javascript Developer (f/m)

All about the job

At Viomedo we develop multiple applications for patients, doctors and pharmaceutical companies that run clinical-trials. A solid, well performing frontend implementation is key to their success.

In your day-to-day job you will be responsible for everything frontend at Viomedo. Part of your responsibility will be to introduce and promote best-practices. Your experience will help us select the right tools for the job to constantly improve Viomedo for our users.

In the best case you are a full stack developer in the Javascript / Node.js ecosystem but with a very clear frontend focus (e.g. 80% frontend : 20% backend) and proven track record in building non-trivial frontends.

This is a full-time position that is based in our office in Berlin Kreuzberg (Wrangelkiez). A full remote position is equally possible.

Tools we work with:

  • Application: Node.js (Express, React, Hexo for static sites)
  • View: Pug (Jade) - Template Engine
  • Style: SASS, LESS
  • Build tool: webpack, gulp.js
  • Version control: Git (GitHub)
  • Quality: Mocha, Continuous Integration (CI), Nightwatch (Selenium)
  • Hosting: Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Data storage: PostgreSQL, Sequelize ORM, RethinkDB
  • Cache: Redis
  • Search: Elasticsearch
  • Infrastructure: Terraform, Ansible

Your qualification

  • You have at least 2 years of solid frontend experience. We want you to write maintainable and modular HTML plus CSS (including preprocessors) as well as beautiful and fast Javascript to a high standard, in a timely and scalable way. Quality is key.

  • In order to succeed, you should be fluent in writing HTML5, CSS and modern Javascript that works flawless across different browsers and devices. You think and work in a responsive, progressively-enhanced manner.

  • You have experience in working with Node.js (e.g. the Express framework).

  • You have experience with at least one modern frontend framework (preferably React). You have used it for more than a hello world or code school project.

  • You have worked with REST APIs.

  • We're dealing with very sensitive information at Viomedo. You should be able to protect it by using your knowledge of cookie management, crossdomain scripting and other browser security issues.

  • You are passionate about web user interfaces and pay attention to the little details. Using tests to ensure the quality of your work is important to you.

  • A Computer Science background is considered a plus.

What we offer you

  • Make your work count by helping to improve the lives of millions of people.
  • A highly competitive package to attract and retain top talent.
  • Work in a fast-paced environment on hard problems using cutting-edge technology.
  • A nice office in Berlin Kreuzberg (Wrangelkiez) with free drinks and fruit included.
  • Work and enjoy live in awesome Berlin. Position can also be fully remote.

About Viomedo

On average, it takes 12 years to bring an innovative treatment to market and allow doctors to use it in standard practice. Millions of patients can’t wait that long for a cure or improvement of their condition. In the meantime these exact treatments are available within clinical trials, that most patients can’t access right now.

Viomedo is the first online platform in Germany that gives patients full transparency into innovative treatment options and allows them to consider the participation in a clinical trial that they might benefit from. Moreover, we are helping the organizations that run and sponsor trials such as large research hospitals and pharmaceutical companies to enroll patients in their trials faster and more reliably. This is the first step on the way to realizing our vision of bringing new treatment methods to the people who need them faster.

If this sounds like you then get in touch now and delight us with your unique application! We have HUGE projects in the pipeline this year and need the best talent on-board to help achieve our goals.

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Photo vom Viomedo Gründer Stefan Nietert

Stefan Nietert, CTO I’ll be answering your application. "Viomedo is for everyone! Our users and clients are young and old, men and women, with or without phds. That is why our whole team believes that we as an organization will only succeed if we invite everybody to contribute, appreciate diversity and develop an inclusive culture."